Listed in reverse chronological order:

  1. Extending the CHOCO Constraint-Solver With High-Level Consistency With Evaluation on the Nonogram Puzzle
    Khang Phan
    , Undergraduate Thesis, January 2020.

  2. Modeling and Solving the Nonogram Puzzle Using Constraint Programming
    Trieu Hung Tran
    , Undergraduate Thesis, October 2019.

  3. Higher Level Consistencies: Where, When, and How Much
    Robert J. Woodward, Ph.D. Thesis, September 2018.

  4. Effectively Enforcing Minimality During Backtrack Search
    Daniel Geschwender, M.S. Thesis, May 2018.

  5. How Computers Solve Sudoku
    Ian S. Howell
    , Undergraduate Thesis, December 2017.

  6. An Online Registration System for the Math Day Event
    Matthew DeHaven
    , Undergraduate Thesis, May 2017.

  7. On Path Consistency for Binary Constraint Satisfaction Problems
    Christopher G. Reeson, M.S. Thesis, December 2016.

  8. A Comparative Study of Generalized Arc-Consistency Algorithms
    Olufikayo S. Adetunji, M.S. Thesis, December 2014.

  9. Using Algorithm Selection and Configuration on Constraint Propagation
    Daniel Geschwender
    , Undergraduate Honors Thesis, May 2014.

  10. OPRAM: An Online System for Assigning Capstone Course Students to Sponsored Projects
    Juedong Zhang, M.S. Project, May 2014.

  11. Reducing No-Goods in Binary Constraint Satisfaction Problems
    Mary D. Burke, Undergraduate Honors Thesis, May 2013

  12. Practical Tractability of CSPs by Higher Level Consistency and Tree Decomposition
    Shant Karakashian, Ph.D. Thesis, May 2013

  13. Relational Neighborhood Inverse Consistency for Constraint Satisfaction: A Structure-Based Approach for Adjusting Consistency & Managing Propagation
    Robert J. Woodward, M.S. Thesis, December 2011

  14. Reformulating Constraint Satisfaction Problems with Application to Geospatial Reasoning
    Kenneth M. Bayer, M.S. Thesis, August 2007

  15. Using Constraint Processing to Model, Solve, and Support Interactive Solving of Sudoku Puzzles
    Christopher G. Reeson, Undergraduate Thesis and Honors Thesis, May 2007

  16. GTAAP: An Online System For Managing and Assigning Graduate Teaching Assistants to Academic Tasks
    Ryan Way Hoong Lim , M.S. Project, July 2006

  17. Neighborhood Interchangeability for Non-Binary CSPs & Application to Databases
    Anagh Lal, M.S. Thesis, May 2005

  18. IndSet: A Decomposition Technique for CSPs Using Maximal Independent Sets and Its Integration with Local Search
    Joel Gompert, M.S. Thesis, May 2005

  19. Online Interactive Problem-Solving
    Venkateshwar Rao Thota, M.S. Project, December 2004

  20. An Improved Restart Strategy for Randomized Backtrack Search
    Venkata Praveen Reddy Guddeti, M.S. Thesis, December 2004

  21. Applying Constraint Satisfaction Techniques to AI Planning Problems
    Daniel Buettner, M.S. Thesis, December 2003

  22. Iterative Improvement Techniques for Solving Tight Constraint Satisfaction Problems
    Hui Zou, M.S. Thesis, November 2003

  23. An Empirical Study of the Performance of Preprocessing and Lookahead Techniques for Solving Binary Constraint Satisfaction Problems
    Zheying (Jane) Yang, M.S. Thesis, July 2003

  24. Consistency Methods for Temporal Reasoning
    Lin Xu, M.S. Thesis, April 2003

  25. Dynamically Detecting and Exploiting Symmetry in Finite Constraint Satisfaction Problems
    Amy M. Davis, M.S. Thesis, April 2002

  26. A Constraint Processing Approach to Assigning Graduate Teaching Assistants to Courses
    Robert L. Glaubius, Undergraduate Honors Thesis. December, 2001.