Working notes:

  • REVISED: Implementation of the Minfill Heuristic
    Christopher Reeson Shant Karakashian (2015)

  • CSP Solving by Constraint Joining
    Shant Kirakos Karakashian, José Luis Ambite, and Berthe Y. Choueiry (2008)

  • Size Estimation of Query Results Using Histograms
    Shant Karakashian, José Luis Ambite, and Berthe Y. Choueiry (2008)

  • Algorithm for Removing Redundant Edges in the Dual Graph of a Non-Binary CSP
    Shant Karakashian (2008)

  • A Guide for Effectively Running Experiments on Condor
    Ken Bayer (2007)

  • A Practical Guide to the Empirical Evaluation and Comparison of the Performance of Algorithms Operating on CSPs
    Anagh Lal, Praveen Guddeti, Joel Gompert, and Berthe Y. Choueiry (2004)

  • GTAAP Data Sets: From Spring~2001 to Spring 2003 (inclusive)
    Venkata Praveen Giddeti (2004)

  • Towards a Definition of the Constraint Probability of Non-Binary Constraint Networks
    Yaling Zheng and B.Y. Choueiry (2003)

  • A Comparative Study of Arc-Consistency Algoritms
    Lin Xu and B.Y. Choueiry (2001)