Software developed in the lab:

  1. An Implementation of An Algorithm for Generating All Connected Subgraphs of a Fixed Size (Version October 2010).
    Shant Karakashian

  2. A random generator for binary CSPs. This generator originates from generator of Christian Bessière (LIRMM), which was first modified by Shant Karakashian to output the results in XCSP2.0 format, then updated by Peter Schlette, and finally bug-fixed by Chritoper Reeson. The new generator
    1. Guarantees that the network is connected (both by checking on the number of constraints before generating the graph and also by checking the connectedness of the generated graph);
    2. Writes each generated instance into a separate file (when the option "-f myFileTag" is used).

  3. A Generator for Solvable Random Non-Binary Finite Constraint Satisfaction Problems (new version).
    Anagh Lal, Berthe Y. Choueiry, and Hui Zou

  4. (Obsolete) A Generator of Solvable Random CSP instances in JAVA by Zheying (Jane) Yang.

  5. GTAAP: An Interactive System for the Assignement of Graduate Teaching Assistants to Academic Tasks (database, interface and search mechanisms)
    Contributors: Kenneth Bayer, Berthe Y. Choueiry, Robert Glaubius, Venkata Praveen Guddeti, Christopher Hammack, Eric Moss, Ryan Lim, Venkateshwar Rao Thota, and Hui Zou.

  6. A Generator for Random Instances of Binary Finite Constraint Satisfaction Problems with Controllable Levels of Interchangeability.
    Hui Zou and Amy M. Beckwith and Berthe Y. Choueiry

  7. A Generator for Random Non-Binary Finite Constraint Satisfaction Problems (old version)
    Hui Zou, Berthe Y. Choueiry and Amy M. Davis