Welcome to the
Constraint Systems Laboratory (ConSystLab)

Founded and directed by Berthe Y. Choueiry.

Our research is concerned with both theoretic and practical aspects of Constraint Processing, a sub-area of Artificial Intelligence. We believe that Constraint Processing provides the right tools for modeling and solving a wide variety of combinatorial problems spanning over many areas in Computer Science, Engineering, and Management. Our investigations address both the theoretical and applied aspects of Constraint Processing.

Wonder what CP is about?

Check our implementations of Minesweeper, Sudoku, and the Game of SET and watch constraint propagation at work in a familiar context!

Recent External Honors & Awards by ConSystLab Students

"Competition for the [Goldwater] Scholarship is exceedingly intense. As a result, the Scholarship is widely considered the most prestigious award in the U.S. conferred upon undergraduates studying the sciences" [Wikipedia]. April, 2008.

Anagh Lal is selected as the recipient of the 2006 Folsom Distinguished Master's Thesis Award.