Current members:

  1. Tomo Bessho (undergrad)

  2. Ian Howell (PhD, co-advising with Hongfeng Yu)

  3. Colin Richards (MS, on leave)

  4. Anthony Schneider (PhD)

  5. Nathan Stender (MS, ABT, on leave)

  6. Chase Resio (undergrad)

Former members (graduated in the lab):

  1. Olufikayo S. Adetunji, MS, Fall 2014. First job at Cerner Corporation, Kansas City.

  2. Ken Bayer, MS, Summer 2007. First job at Microsoft Corporation, WA.

  3. Daniel Buettner, MS, Fall 2003. First job at the Argonne National Laboratory (Leadership Computing Facility), Argonne, IL.

  4. Mary D. Burke, undergrad honors thesis, Spring 2013. First job at J.B. Hunt Transport Services Inc.

  5. Amy M. Davis, MS, Spring 2002. First job at Design Data, now at FabSuite.

  6. Matthew DeHaven, undergrad thesis, Spring 2017. First job at Smart Information Flow Technologies (SIFT).

  7. Robert Glaubius, undergrad honors thesis, Fall 2001. Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Cleveland Clinic Foundation.

  8. Daniel J. Geschwender, undergrad honor thesis, Spring 2014, MS, Spring 2018. First job at GC Image

  9. Joel Gompert, MS, Spring 2005. First job at Infinity Ward (of Activision), in Los Angeles, CA, now at Respawn Entertainment.

  10. Venkata Praveen Guddeti, MS, Fall 2004. First job at Gartner, Stamford, CT.

  11. Anagh Lal, MS, Spring 2005. First job at Lehman Brothers, Mumbai, India; Now at Citibank, Singapore.

  12. Ryan Lim, MS, Summer 2006. Now at Facebook.

  13. Khang Phan, undergrad thesis, Spring 2020..

  14. Shant Kirakos Karakashian, PhD, Spring 2013. First job at MathWorks

  15. Trieu Hung Tran, undergrad thesis, Fall 2019. First job at Microsoft

  16. Christopher Reeson, MS, Fall 2016, undergrad honors thesis and College of Arts & Science thesis, Spring 2007. First job Design Data, Lincoln, NE.

  17. Venkateshwar Rao Thota, MS, Fall 2004. First job at MacPractice in Lincoln (NE), moving to Microsoft, Seattle (WA).

  18. Robert Woodward, MS, Fall 2011. Ph.D., Fall 2018. First job at Google.

  19. Lin Xu, MS, Spring 2003. First position PhD student at the University of British Columbia (graduated).

  20. Zheying (Jane) Yang, MS, Summer 2003. UNL Library.

  21. Jeff Juedong Zhang (MS), Spring 2014. First job at the Cerner Corporation, Kansas City.

  22. Hui Zou, MS, Fall 2003. First job at SensAble Technologies, Boston, MA.

Other former members (did not graduate in the lab):

  1. Jameela Al Jaroodi (grad)

  2. Catherine Anderson (grad)

  3. Joseph Bernardt (undergrad)

  4. Tyler Bienhoff (undergrad)

  5. Wesley Botham (undergrad)

  6. Alexander Burch (undergrad)

  7. Beau Christ (grad)

  8. Mitchell DeHaven (undergrad)

  9. Taylor DeMint (undergrad)

  10. Jason Gaare (undergrad)

  11. Keaton Greve (undergrad)

  12. Sean Hicks (undergrad)

  13. Courtney Ingersoll (undergrad)

  14. Trevor Janke (undergrad)

  15. Denis Kommisarov (undergrad)

  16. Maggie Krause (undergrad)

  17. Tai Le (undergrad)

  18. Dylan Laible (undergrad)

  19. Diego Lima (undergrad)

  20. Christopher Lyons (grad)

  21. Keegan Lunn (undergrad)

  22. Tim McCaslin (undergrad)

  23. Nader Faisal Mohamed (grad)

  24. Khandaker Amitabh Nobel (undergrad)

  25. Tyler Paul (undergrad)

  26. Ben Peda (undergrad)

  27. Joshua Reed (undergrad)

  28. Rosana Rogiski (undergrad)

  29. Joseph Schmiedeskamp (undergrad)

  30. Peter Schlette (undergrad)

  31. Clay Stevens (undergrad)

  32. Yang Shi (grad)

  33. Alex Sturtz (undergrad)

  34. Yuri Titov (undergrad)

  35. Gerald Thornton (undergrad)

  36. Serigne Toure (undergrad)

  37. Aneesh Verenkar (undergrad)

  38. Yaling Zheng (grad)