Location: We are located on the first floor of Avery Hall in City Campus, in research pod Avery 123:

  1. Avery 123A (lab)
  2. Avery 360 (faculty office)
  3. Avery 123D (lab)

Driving directions from Omaha:

  1. Take I-80 from Omaha, direction Lincoln (direction west).
  2. Take exit 401 (towards downtown) into I-180.
  3. Continue on I-180 (South) for about 3.2 miles (direction south).
  4. I-180 becomes North 9th Street.
  5. Choose left-most lane ASAP.
  6. Pass first light signal (Q street, one way)
  7. Turn left on second light signal. This is P street, one way (direction east)
  8. Keep left-most lane on P street.
  9. Turn left on first light signal, which is also the intersection of P and North 10 street (direction north).
  10. Keep right-most lane.
  11. Pass first light signal, which is also the intersection of Q and 10 street. You have practically made a U-turn.
  12. Turn right on T street (direction east). To your left there is a parking structure. It is best that you park there.
  13. Otherwise, on T street, keep going straight past the parking structure then the south entrance to the (famous) stadium.
  14. You'll pass a few buildings then hit a dead-end.
  15. Avery Hall (our building) is the last building to your left (direction north).